Health in all policies

In general, the health of Utrecht residents is good. The Utrecht Health Profile 2022 shows that the average life expectancy is increasing and that most residents rate their own health as good. We also see groups of residents and districts and neighborhoods with greater health risks. For more information please check the website Volksgezondheidsmonitor.

By focusing on health in all policies there are many chances to positively influence the health of our citizens and therefore achieve improvements in health. We want to take advantage of opportunities by linking health to all our policies; such as area development, sustainability, mobility and social and economic developments.

Main principles in our health policy

Broad and positive

In our policy and its implementation, we apply a broad and positive approach to health, in which the person is central. We see health as the ability to cope with the physical, emotional and social challenges of life. Health consists of many different aspects and we align with what people themselves consider important in health. We start from what the person can do and offer help where necessary. In our approach we opt for a broad approach to health. We work on the health of Utrecht residents through spatial planning, social measures and economic conditions, safety, work and activation. In this 2 minute movie we explain this with a few examples.


We are committed to improving the health of all Utrecht residents. To make health accessible to everyone, customization is needed. We pay attention to Utrecht residents who need something different, more or extra to feel healthy. Not the same for everyone, but for each his own. Sufficient quality of life through good education, a place to live, job opportunities, meaningful daytime activities and access to care is the basis. However, life is not just about material things; people also want to be seen and a basic sense of interconnectedness is essential. The commitment to equality of opportunity is in line with the international pursuit of 'Health equity in all policies', as the next step on 'Health in all policies'.

Working in partnerships

Health is a public value to which parties in the city, district and neighborhood contribute. Utrecht residents do this themselves, as do health professionals, volunteer (organizations), companies, knowledge institutions and the government. Everyone's contribution counts and is unique. We work from trust and in connection with each other. Involvement in making and executing plans leads to connection and increases the chance of success. We depend on each other and together we can really make a difference in the health of the city. That is why we work closely together at urban and neighborhood level, each from its own role. We see this collaboration in, among others in the Health Pact Utrecht; a dynamic network of parties and residents who work together on the health of our citizens.

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