Work for All

The number of jobs in Utrecht is increasing, but, unfortunately, not everyone is benefiting from that growth. Many jobs are changing quickly, or even disappearing due to automation. As a result, peoples knowledge and experience may not match the needs of an employer.

Did you know that the care sector accounts for 25% of employment in Utrecht? Did you know that 300,000 buildings in the Netherlands are being made more sustainable, for which specialist know-how is an urgent requirement?

There is a great requirement for well-trained employees in these sectors, as well as in the technical sector and education. We are committed to this. We provide good training, further training and retraining to help with continued development. We work together with the education sector for construction, ICT, healthcare and education, among other things. These sectors are certain to provide jobs now and in the future, which is important as working and participating in society means that everyone matters and feels healthier.

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