World's largest bicycle parking facility

Cycling is not only one of the healthiest means of transportation, it is also the easiest way to move around in Utrecht. One more reason that makes Utrechters proud of their city is the freshly released massive bike parking, placed just underneath the Central Station in the fourth largest city of the Netherlands.

Since August 2017, this three-storey underground bike parking facility aims to ease daily commuters by offering a large and central parking spot as well as a meeting place for people who identify with the cycling culture and habit.

As stated in the New York times article If You Build It, the Dutch Will Pedal Utrecht is "one of the most bike-friendly places in one of the world’s most bike-friendly countries". That is attributed not only to the daily bikers and bike-friendly international rankings, but also due to the bike parking facility that accommodates outstanding numbers of parking spots. As a matter of fact, such an accomplishment contributes to the city's urban living in a series of healthy urban living terms. 

Reduced CO2 emissions in comparison to car mobility usage, sense of belonging to a common healthy urban identity among city bikers as well as a less time-consuming habit, Utrecht's Bike Parking suggests a greener and more sustainable meeting place for all riders in the city.

Next to that, one exiting the bike parking can encounter the Jaarbeursplein, a square in which lots of events are planned to take place. Thus, bike riders have not only the possibility to park their bike and then travel with NS trains, but also meet and interact in such a culturally diverse hotspot.

"Utrecht gives priority to cyclists and pedestrians, and makes bicycle parking easy. "The City of Utrecht stands out with this motto, especially when it comes to biking and facilitating bike users in this innovative urban space. Let us come along and make use of this internationally innovative and healthy urban experience.

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