We drive solar

Gasoline cars are probably the least environmentally friendly means of transportation. Nonetheless, cars are still very popular in the Netherlands.

Several possibilities to make driving more sustainable already exist, like the emergence of hybrid and electric cars. These types of cars are still the exception rather than the rule, however. So how can we make driving more sustainable and environmentally friendly? Entrepreneur Robin Berg from Utrecht came up with an answer: We Drive Solar.  

Smart and 100% clean mobility for everyone

We Drive Solar is an initiative that has the ambition to make smart and 100% clean mobility available for everyone. The idea is that locally produced solar energy is stored in cars using the technology system Smart Solar Charging.

This system enables the loading and storing of solar energy using Vehicle2Grid-charing points. This is not the only remarkable and innovative aspect of We Drive Solar: the initiative combines Smart Solar Charging with a car-sharing system. In other words, We Drive Solar contributes to reducing emissions and thus creating a better and more sustainable environment in more than one way: clean, locally produced energy for cars that are shared among citizens in the same neighbourhood.

Written by Anne Winkelmolen

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