Sustainable Energy

We are working hard to realise achievable and affordable energy savings for everyone in Utrecht. We are increasingly using solar and wind energy, geothermal and residual heat from industry. Residents can also make modifications to their own home or business. It costs money, but it also has an immediate return.

Did you know that the gas network below the city uses over 1,100 km of pipeline? There are 120,000 homes and 6,000 other buildings connected to natural gas in Utrecht. By 2050 at the latest, all homes and businesses must be natural gas-free. That's quite a task.

The fact that all communities are to become natural gas-free is a certainty, but we still don't know exactly how we are going to achieve it. We need to find an effective way of heating buildings. This is what we are looking at with home owners, housing associations and their tenants, businesses, schools, community-based organisations, network administrators and heat utilities. New builds are already being delivered without a natural gas connection wherever possible. helps Utrecht with energy transition

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