Resilience and Equal Opportunity

Together with residents, partners and companies, we strive for equal opportunities and possibilities for everyone. We offer extra help at school, and assistance with debt, finding work or obtaining a suitable home. There are also numerous places where residents can contact others, share experiences and help each other.

Having a roof over your head, work and income all make it easier to be able to get involved and to feel healthy. That's why in Utrecht, we are working to make these basic needs possible for everyone. Too many Utrechters still live in poverty and debt. We provide financial support for low income households, assist in finding employment or a useful role in society, and offer support with debt and access to social and medical care.

We understand that it is not always easy for people to navigate all the schemes that exist. Not everyone wants to or dares ask for help. That's why we are trying to make it as easy and accessible as possible. Thanks to our local community-based approach, we are easy to find and always in the neighbourhood.


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