More Greenery, More Homes

Greenery, water and a pleasant living environment in and around the city are important. They make us healthy and happy and contribute to a better place to live. Greenery and water also ensure that the local climate remains good, even as the climate changes.

In our fast-growing city, it is particularly important that we strike the right balance between housing and nature. We don't just want to build; we also want to make sure that there is enough greenery nearby and that you have better access to the nature outside the city. Residents and business owners can help by creating even greener indoor and outdoor gardens, car parks, streets, roofs, facades and (school) squares.

A green city is not only healthy, but also very pleasant. Did you know that greenery on your roof or exterior wall not only contributes to there being more plants and animals in the city, but also has an insulating effect? It helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Trees and plants also provide greater resistance to the challenges of climate change, such as extreme rainfall, heat and drought. By incorporating solar panels, reducing use of gravel in the garden and collecting rainwater, we are also helping the natural environment and ourselves.

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