Utrecht is growing. Utrecht will need 60,000 new homes to accommodate the expected growth in population by 2040. In the coming years, we will be investing in social and middle-rental housing, affordable owner-occupied housing and improved through-flow, to give everyone who wants to live in Utrecht a fair chance.

We are adjusting the distribution of new owner-occupied and rental homes across the city to improve the quality of living in neighbourhoods. The result is neighbourhoods with a good mix of our city's inhabitants.

Utrecht is not only building for the sake of building, but is working under the 'healthy urban living' concept, in which living, working, accessibility and quality of life complement one another. We are developing a more appropriate and affordable range of housing within the current bounds of the city.

Our goal is to enable people to obtain an affordable home earlier, climb the housing ladder to a different home more quickly and live in mixed communities that are enjoyable to live in with homes for everyone. When we build, we build as sustainably as possible. We are being innovative in our use of existing space.

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