Digital City

We are working with digital opportunities, which also contribute to a healthy and pleasant city to live and work in.

This includes things like sensors that track when residents can empty their household waste, the digital housekeeping booklet that helps them keep their finances in order, and an app that indicates available charging stations. We are working with experts to embrace digital opportunities and make the city, our work and our services smarter and smarter.

Safe and sensible

Championing the rights of our residents is of paramount importance in our digital city, and calls for a robust approach. We are working on delivering safe, accessible and transparent digital services. In so doing, we give a great deal of consideration to the privacy of data. We do not allow ourselves to be led by commercial interests, which is why we have clear rules of play for businesses. The municipality has an information commissioner to keep this initiative on track.

Smart working

In Utrecht, we are enthusiastic about creating digital opportunities. To that end, we are developing a tech community in which we are working on the employment market of the future, and we are building a virtual representation of the city. In the meantime, we are building new roads, areas or buildings in 3D to provide a picture of the impact, as in the Merwedekanaal zone. We are also in talks with the government about rolling out a 5G network.

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